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Play School

Shimmering stars is based on child psychology and early childhood teaching methodologies.


Play Group - 11/2 Years To 21/2Years

Pre Nursery - 21/2 Years To 31/2Years

Nursery - 31/2 Years To 41/2Years


A fun home for the special kids. Specially trained pediatric therapist and child psychologists conduct special sessions for children with psychological and physical problems. Therapies in the areas like, Occupational therapy, Sensory integration therapy, Speech therapy etc. are conducted by the doctors in these sessions.

Parents Corner

Our teachers and staff collaborate with parents to ensure the best possible experience for their child by establishing daily communication and seek to understand their unique needs.

One to one meeting between the parents and tghe director of the school ensures that parent's views and concerns reach to the top management of the company.


All class-rooms, activity zones and play areas of Shimmering Stars are monitored by cameras.Closed Circuit TV Cameras are installed everywhere to ensure strict discipline. Parents may also avail the opportunity to see the behavious/activity of their child in school. This revolutionary step has been taken for the first time in Cuttack by Shimmering Stars.