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  Shimmering Stars Play School has been pioneered after a prolonged study of the concepts and trends of various high standard play schools in India and other countries as well, who have proved their worth. There is a constant effort on our part to understand child psychology better and stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies through our consistent research and development endeavor. We do not stress the child with academic goals reading and writing or performance but focus on the development of sensory- motor, socio-cultural, communication and cognitive development of the child. We at “Shimmering Stars” take the onus of giving them a definite and beautiful shape . After all, your child is the star of your life and we are here to make your star “ shimmer” bright.

Shimmering Stars - Our organization (A home away from home)

The Director Speaks

Every child is unique and so is every parent. Every parent brings up his child in his own unique way. They nurture dreams for their children and try to give the best possible amenities to them. Materialistic comfort, amenities and wants are fulfilled because we understand what our child needs. But do we understand what our child actually wants from within? Probably No!

      Do you know a baby starts communicating with the outer world when he is inside the mother’s womb? Do you know a child starts observing and understanding when he is only 6-7 month old? Do you know he starts imitating you when he is only 9-10 month old? He learns only by experimenting, observing and imitating. No books, school and classroom teaching can teach them anything.

Every child is like wet clay, who can be molded into any shape. Every parent must try to go deeper into understanding at least some aspects of child psychology. At “ Shimmering Stars” we not only understand this but also try to orient the parents about it. We do not teach the child, rather we nurture them, try to provide them a balanced growth physically, mentally and psychologically!! Happy Parenting to you and happy schooling for your child!!

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