Our Fun Time

(Shimmering Stars - A Fun Home)

Celebration, Competitions And Observation 2021-22

Grand Annual Day

The Annual Day of SSPS is organised in grand way with more than 1000 audience cheering our little ones. It is all about colour, fun, music, dance and foot tapping innocent performances by our little ones

Celebration and Festivites

No one celebrates the festivals like our kids do.The school celebrates various festivals in the school like Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Christmas, Kartik Purnima ,Makar Sankranti etc. in order to imbibe the root of our culture and tradition in the child.

Picnics And Site Visits

We take our children to various places on picnics and site visits to refresh their mind and make them have fun. Every month they take an outing with friends and teachers because they learn by having fun.

Children\'s Day

It's their day after all...SSPS has a plethora of activites on this day which varies from Fashion Show with kids to a visit to the lesser privileged children by our children and teachers and sharing some good moments with them

National Festivals

National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day cannot be complete with a Parade. Our little stars are trained hard to do so. Patriotism is inculcated in them right from their child hood

Parties & Fun Time

Our children are busy every Friday with a party and some music and fun. Dolls Party , Pyjama Party, Balloons Party, Ice Cream Party and the list is never ending. Children develop immense socialization skills and confidence by being a part of such fun sessions.


Sometimes it is Ravan with 10 heads, sometimes Maa Durga....yes, they come to our school on the occasion of Durga Puja. We expose our children to a bit of our mythology through role plays and activities.

Competitions Time

A plethora of competitions are organised across the year for the children and parents as well. It includes, story telling, dance, fancy dress , drawing, rangoli etc

Annual Sports

It is mesmerizing to see our little ones parading on the ground for their Annual Sports Day which is followed by some f unfilled field competitions for the children and the parents as well.