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We are providing franchisee without royalty

        Shimmering Stars –Odisha’s own Play School and the first CCTV Cameras monitored play school of the State offers franchisee opportunity for different districts of Odisha. The pre- schooling concept is slowly catching up with the parents of Eastern India and inspite of any slug or recession in the economy, schooling and education is a sector which will always boom. Parents are ready to pay for good education and when it comes to pre -schooling where we deal with children of very tender age , parents look for play schools which provide utmost love, affection and personal care to their children. Play School is the place where the child is exposed to an unknown environment for the first time and here he undergoes lot of psychological changes. Hence, a good play school must operate on child psychology philosophy and follow early childhood teaching methodologies. The responsibility of a good play school does not end here. It should make endeavours to educate parent’s regarding importance and process of pre -schooling and make efforts to bring awareness about the same. Shimmering Stars has been successfully doing this since last 6 years in Cuttack and is working with a motto to spread this awareness to the nooks and corners of Odisha through a chain of play schools under its brand.

        Being a regional brand ,we understand the limitations of Odisha market and hence have kept the investment options flexible. We will analyse the market return prospects , the prospective franchisee’s investment capacity, and then we will suggest you the investment amount. Broadly, a ROI of 20-25% per annum is what we would aim for our franchisee holders to earn. The break even can be expected within a period of two years approximately if everything goes fine.

        With the franchisee of Shimmering Stars, firstly, you keep your investment low hence return prospects are better and risk factor is minimal. Franchisee of any national brand will increase your investment two times whose return in Odisha market is doubtful which increases the risk factor. Secondly, we give you the complete support for launching, marketing & advertising, infrastructure development, teaching and play equipments, furniture’s , training, recruitment and admissions. We will also provide you the daily operation manual which will spare you from taking any pain in planning and designing any curriculum for the school. And all these are tested and trusted by parents and are successful in the Odisha market. So again the magnitude of risk and pain for a start up is lesser for you. Finally, our support is not one time. Our head office being in Odisha, we would be continuously monitoring your unit so that you do not face any problem and ensure that your unit becomes a success because in your success lies our success.

        So why think more! Step ahead and join your hands with us. Let’s move together and make the children of Odisha play, learn and enjoy in Shimmering Stars and also spread the awareness of good pre- schooling among the parents of Odisha.

What You Need To Have To Own A Unit of Shimmering Stars

        We are looking for committed and devoted partners who are energetic and passionate about children. They should believe in our ambition of making learning a fun experience for kids. You must have

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Steps To Start Your Own Unit of Shimmering Stars